Social Media Marketing

Social media has almost completely changed the face of online marketing. With sites such as Facebook and Twitter, it has become easier for businesses to market themselves online, for free. These social media sites have become an intrical part of any businesses marketing strategy.

While most people would think that social media is mainly for ‘younger people,’ nearly half of Facebook's user base are over the age of 45. Whatever your target market- they will be most easily accessible via social media.

In June this year, StrongMail, one of the world’s leading marketing strategy companies, released the results of a survey carried out on 925 major marketing and business leaders in the United States. The results show what the top 4 investment companies are making in marketing. Social Media accounted for 57% of the results. It’s where people are spending their time.

Embracing social media for your business will offer huge potential for generating discussion about your products and services - eventually winning new customers. When one takes into consideration how inexpensive the costs are of being marketed through social media and the high result that it yields, one realises that the question really isn't, “Why should you be on social media?” but rather, “Why aren’t you involved in social media yet?”





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Setup Fee: R 950 once off


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