What is Adwords?

Google Adwords is the system Google has developed to assist you in marketing your products or services in the Google Search Engine, and its affiliate sites. This type of advertising allows you to be on the first page on Google and in the top three search results. Your ad will appear as a “sponsored Link” on the page above organic search results. When people search for a product or service they will type in a search query. That search query is known as a keyword phrase. When that keyword phrase is related to a product or service you offer we will show your ad to that potential client.

The system works on a “pay per click” model, which means that you only pay once someone clicks on the ad and is directed to the site. The advantage of using a pay per click model is that you can eliminate unwanted visitors to your site and can capture an audience that is in the buying cycle stage that you want to attain. For example, if you had to advertise nappies on traditional media such as television, thousands of viewers see that ad, that may have absolutely no need for nappies. Yet you paid for a marketing message that has been wasted on thousands of viewers. AdWords eliminates wasted marketing communication by targeting to the specific audience in the exact stage of the buying cycle you want.

The Google AdWords system is a very complex system that takes over 20 combined and individual variables into account in determining if your ad is eligible to appear in the auction system, ad rank positions and payment per click. With our knowledge and experience we will ensure that you will get the best quality ad at the lowest rate possible for your specific keyword. SEO and AdWords also work well together to ensure that your ad receives high quality clicks.

 Example of an AdWords account structure:



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